Monday, February 11, 2013

Meeting old friends for the first time

 Today I met a couple of ladies who have been online friends for many years, but we met face-to-face for the first time. I am on travel with my dh, and in Cocoa Beach, Florida. (I know it is tough, but someone has to do it...)  I am on the left below, with these two beautiful women: Denise Smith in the center and Mary Craig on the right.  I knew we would have a lovely time, and we did!  They drove all the way to the coast from their Orland-area homes to meet me, and we discussed writing, classical education, raising boys, our families, and much more.  These are smart, talented women, and it was a joy to have brunch and then wander around Manatee Park. 
We did not see any manatee, but we did see some fun things, and enjoyed the lovely Florida breeze off the water.  Below is Mary in her natural habitat:
 We DID see a pair of dolphins playing (you can make out one fin below if you look closely), and a Great Blue Heron- wonderful sights for this girl from the desert Southwest!.  I'm sure Mary's photos are much better than mine...

It was a really enjoyable time.  Thank you, Mary and Denise, for making the effort to make it happen!

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Natalie said...

Wonderful! So glad you were able to get together. If I had been just a tad closer, I would have tried to join you.