Thursday, October 04, 2012

Living as broken actors on a broken stage

I was told earlier this week that my medical case is "complicated". It certainly is. But my life is complicated- and so is yours, Gentle Reader. We navigate a world where we don't always understand the suffering that comes our way, or that defines the lives of others.  We are, indeed, broken actors, living on a broken stage, and that brokenness is sometimes horrific, sometimes dark, and always complicated. We all need to remind ourselves what the presence of a sovereign God, a perfect Father,  means as we evaluate our complicated lives.

Today a dear friend sent me the talk below because she found it so encouraging as she faces her complicated life.  And it has been an excellent and deep reminder to me of the transcendent and transforming power of God in the midst of our brokenness. I hope you find it encouraging also.

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