Saturday, March 17, 2012

Update and upcoming visits

I am nine weeks out of surgery, and I have much to praise God for, Gentle Reader!
  • I had an excellent bone scan, so am starting my Arimidex in good shape in that quarter.
  • Three weeks in to Arimidex, I am not noticing any obvious, bad side effects.  There are a few questionable ones, but none that I can be sure are a result of the drug rather than the lack of hormones or the recovery from surgery.
  • I am off all pain/swelling meds at this point- except occasional ibuprofen when I over do it a little.
  • I am slowly getting a few things done. (Emphasis on FEW. See prayer request #2 below.)
These are all praises! And there are a few struggles still happening:
  • I am experiening some mild lymphedema in both arms, but particularly my let arm, so Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) with the Physical Therapist is now part of my routine twice a week.  Dave came with me to my last PT, and learned the basics so he can help in-between treatments. Our prayer is that this is contained and improves rather than becoming a chronic problem.
  • My energy drains very quickly, and that is a frustration.  Even if I don't feel the need for a nap, I move more and more slowly, and eventually have literally no choice but to stop and assume a resting position. I am still able to do very little after I care for this body, and while I trust that is all in God's good providence, I miss accomplishing tangible goals. As I write this it sounds fairly whiny, since all things are going as well as they are going.  So please forgive me. I just would like to be accomplishing a little more with the days given me.
So please praise God with me for His mercies, and as I come to your mind, ask Him to continue them!

And speaking of mercies, have I mentioned how amazing my children are?  Tim and Nikki came here (with Emma) in February.  Then we visited everyone in Arizona at the end of that month. Ben and Elsa and Ada arrive Monday for almost a week.  And Nikki and Emma will be coming back for the first week in April, Lord willing, while Tim is on travel. I can't tell you how much help and how much fun these visits are.  They lift my spirits, and I am grateful! And they mean that you, Gentle and Patient Reader, will have more grand-baby pictures to look forward to!

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Quotidian Life said...

Glad to read your update, Chris and thanking God for how far he has brought you in the recovery process. I don't think you sound whiny at all! I will pray for increasing strength and no chronic lymphedema (my mom has had a few flair ups since her breast cancer surgery seven years ago). Thanking God, too, for the blessing of your dear family that lives near enough to visit you. What a joy!