Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Finally finished projects

Dave and I finally finished some projects that were mostly done by the beginning of December, and which were intended to be Christmas gifts. *sigh* Well, now it's March, but they are done. :-)

This is a rocking llama made for Emma by Pampa.  All I did was encourage and paint the eye. As soon as a car travels between here and there, Larry Llama will reside in Tucson. He is beautifully made of black walnut.

Above is a quilt for Ada.  it's rather large for a baby quilt, but I had fun making it, and somehow missed the size when I was choosing the pattern...It is a little wider than a double-sized bed...

And this is an activity book I made for Emma.  Below are a few or the pages.

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Quotidian Life said...

What beautiful handiwork! These gifts of love will be treasures in your family for years to come. Thanks for the inspiration, Chris, and please tell Dave that the llama is fantastic!