Friday, January 13, 2012

Excellent News on Two Fronts

How good it our great and glorious God!  We have two great pieces of news to report:

Adeline Bell Finnegan was born last night, Thursday, January 12 at 7:06 pm. She weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz. and is 21" long. Ben and Elsa and baby are all doing well.  Elsa labored successfully for 6 hours, and the baby was delivered naturally. After Ada nursed at 10pm, she slept until 4 am, giving Elsa a welcome rest. 

Also, Chris had an appointment with the surgeon today and got her pathology report. All of the results came back negative.  Praise God! The only cancer found was the original small tumor (that caused all of the surgery to happen). All of the lymph nodes and other tissue came back negative

We serve a great and glorious God

Thank you for rejoicing with us!



Cindy Marsch said...

Tears of joy here for you!

I just love the look on Adeline's face--kinda crabby, kinda skeptical. I can't wait to watch her grow through the photos on the blog! :-)

Jenny said...

Dave and Chris,

Praising and thanking God for her mercies and blessings on you all!!


EuroMom said...

Wonderful news!

Pat (MaMo) said...

Thankful for the happy news! You must be so relieved. God bless your recovery, dear Chris.

Pat M.

Renee @ AddMoreChocolate said...

Praising God with you! I can't wait to share this with my church's prayer chain. There's nothing to speed along recovery like thoughts of a new granddaughter!

Lee Ann said...

Whoo hooo!!! Praising the Lord with you all - on both fronts!

Lee Ann

Quotidian Life said...

Such joyful news all around! Congratulations on the birth of little Adeline--I can't help but notice her strong resemblance to her father!

Rejoicing with you,

Natalie said...

So thankful for BOTH reports of good news. Praising God with you!

A Circle of Quiet said...

I am delighted to hear your news. Praise God!


Alyse said...

Chris, Dave, and all,

I am so happy to read all of this wondrous news!
Yes, there are tears of joy and hearts full of thankfulness.


Alyse & all the Fielders

Args said...

Ahh, suddenly I am breathing so much easier! :-) Thank you, Lord. Hugs to all! Love you, --Ang