Thursday, June 04, 2020

Spring 2020 Projects

As we move into summer, here are a few projects I completed after the Christmas rush:
For my elephant-loving daughter-in-love, there was a small elephant quilt wall hanging.

For Valentine's Day, fabric envelopes with greetings and sweets.

And masks-- I am still making them, and giving them to family, friends, and a grass-roots organization serving Northern New Mexico.  My current count of masks completed is 385.

For Grandson #2's 3rd birthday I made a felt activity book.  Here are the page spreads:

The cover...

The solar system, with buttonable planets

The Millenium Falcom and a rocket ship puzzle.

Star Wars finger puppets

Counting activities-- different shaped buttons under the flaps.

Matching activity, and a weather page

A marble maze for the back cover.

A market bag with "Paris" on the fabric

And last, but not least, a quilt for Granddaughter #3 for her birthday in a couple weeks.  Shh- don;t tell her!

And in the wings: a baby quilt for a church shower almost complete, a lap quilt pinned and ready to quilt, more masks, and Cousins Camp on the way!

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Eva said...

The quilt for your granddaughter is beautiful! You have finished so many lovely projects!