Saturday, January 11, 2020

Projects and 2019 UFOs

I ended my sewing year by finishing a few projects, and leaving several quilt tops pieced but un-sandwiched and un-quilted.  Here's the run-down for those of you who enjoy such things:

I made a plethora of button tree ornaments for my grandchildren and nieces.

Each tree has the receiver's initials and the year machine-embroidered on the ribbon.

I also completed 11 sets of  quilted coasters for church friends, neighbors, and family.

The only large quilt (extra-long twin) completed at the end of the year was this one for Ada's birthday, and  it is being given to her on Sunday, Jan 12, when she amazingly turns 8 years old.  Last fall she told me her baby quilt was too small for her bed now, and was falling apart.  She really hoped she could get a new one.  And her favorite shape is the triangle, so could I please make her a triangle quilt.  All you have to do is ask, Ada Bell!

Then for the UFOs.  UFOs in quilting parlance are Un-Finished Objects.  I have several projects in the works and in various stages, but I did complete three tops this year which I hope to quilt in the near future:

I am already dreaming about and working on the new projects for 2020.  How about you, Gentle Reader?

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