Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Not the faith, but its object

"What should we have said to the Israelite, who, on bringing his lamb to the tabernacle, should puzzle himself with questions as to the right mode of laying his hands on the head of the victim, and who should refuse to take any comfort from the sacrifice, because he was not sure whether he had laid them aright;--  on the proper place, in the right direction, with adequate pressure, or in the best attitude?  Should we not have told him that his own actings concerning the lamb were not the lamb, and yet that he was speaking as if they were? Should we not have told him that the lamb was everything, his touch nothing, as to virtue or merit or recommendation? Should we not have told him to be of good cheer; not because he had laid his hands on the victim in the most approved fashion, but because they had touched that victim, however lightly and imperfectly, and therefore said, 'Let this lamb stand for me, die for me'? ...The point for him was not, was my touch right or wrong, light or heave, but, was it the touch of the right lamb, the lamb appointed by God for the taking away of sin?...The quality or quantity of faith is not the main question for the sinner..."
~Horatius Bonar, The Everlasting Righteousness, pp.24-25

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