Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Christmas Projects

I haven't yet posted photos of the Christmas projects completed for this past holiday, so here we go:

First there were three doll quilts for new dolls, and a set of doll nighties and doll jumpers.

Carys received her doll bed, complete with bedding ensemble, and built so that Ada's bed can set on top and form a bunk bed.

The two little received their step stools:

I made a plethora of flannel rice bags (for heating in the microwave)  with extra lavender in the filling to make a warm, aroma-therapy treat:

I also completed a plethora of felt nativity ornaments.

One of my nieces got a set of small travel bags:

And for my sweet sister, a quilted bed topper of bright stars:

And now on to a new year of quilting fun!

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