Saturday, February 11, 2017

A few recent projects

Here are a few recent projects moved into the completed pile. That always leads to a sense of satisfactions!

First, our church makes baby quilts for new covenant children born into our church family.  Different people do different jobs for each, but they usually involve many of the women working on embroidery.  Our dear A. W. is expecting, and the ladies of BAPC presented her with this quilt: her mom had the plan, I cut and pieced it, two other friends did the quilting and binding, and several of us outlined the little owls with hand embroidery work. 

I made a little taggle stuffed animal to go along with the shower gift for A. W.
And I made my youngest grand daughter a skirt out of one of her Pampa's shirts.  The collar was frayed, but all else was good. I saw this idea on Pinterest, and they turn out so cute! I had made one for her big suster;s birthday last month.

And the sum total of my Valentine's Day decorating is a simple ruffle wreath for my front door.  Hope you get to hug the ones you love this week, Gentle Readers!

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