Thursday, January 26, 2017

Recent projects

Apparently, I did not get photos of all my Christmas projects, or even good photos of the ones I did take, but here are the recently completed projects I managed to snap photos of:

This is one of 5 totes I made as gifts.  This one included a zippered bag.
And I made several sets of microwave cozies: you place your glass bowls in them, stick them in the microwave, and then have built-in potholders.  They did double duty as centerpieces filled with ornaments, and take-home gifts for those who came to Christmas dinner.

I completed a lap-sized quilt for my brother, but obviously this photo was taken before I had put on the binding.  I was pleased with how it turned out, but don't have a decent photo of the whole thing :-(

And here are the ornaments I made for this year.  The grands got sheep and the nieces got the quilted ones.  Their names and the year are on the back.

Not pictured are the pillow beds I made for the littles, the little stuffed animal pillows with babies I made for the grands, and the flannel rice bags I made for the grands.  I did a terrible picture-taking job this Christmas!!  Now I am working on Valentine's Day and birthday projects, a baby quilt for church, and considering trying to pull out and finish a quilt for my own bed... 

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