Saturday, July 09, 2016

Health Updates

Yesterday I got the results of my last ERG from UNM, along with completing the Vision Field Test and FA at the Retina Center in Albuquerque before seeing my doctor. Many of you know that my new doc had previously put the brakes on beginning the weaning process to lower my medicines.  I went into this appointment praying we could have a good conversation about that, and wanting to ask if he thought I needed to get to a birdshot specialist.  It all could not have been better.

All my tests were stable and unchanged from the previous ones 3 months ago.  And in fact, they remain substantially unchanged from July, 2014.  Dr. Chiu explained once again that birdshot tends to be a chronic condition, and miost will never be able to get off of the meds, but said as he saw it, I had two choices:  to continue at maintenance where we were and continue my meds at the current level, or to try slowly (ever so slowly) reducing my mycophenalate,  and watch things carefully.  Since I feel strongly that my body needs a break, and since my former doc and my online expert agreed that under the general parameters where I am living, reducing meds was acceptable, we decided to go for it.  Today, I begin half my dose of daily mycophenalate, and will redo all my tests in four months. Additionally, my current doc is fine referring me to the closest specialist whenever I want, and we decided it is not necessary for now, but we can both feel free to get that help whenever we think it is needed.

I could not have asked for a better outcome yesterday.  Thank you, Gentle Reader, if you have prayed for me.  God has been good to answer our prayers!

And speaking of prayers, my dh Dave will have a second biopsy on Monday on a little nodule on his thyroid.  80% of thyroid nodules are benign, and that is our prayer.  The first biopsy was inconclusive because they did not get enough cells.  So please pray with us that Monday's biopsy will be conclusively benign.  Thank you!

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