Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Our Song"?

I joked recently on facebook that when I was prompted to ask Dave what "our song" was, he replied, "It is not Death to Die?"  After a good laugh, I figured he had called it about right. But then I started feeling like it sounded too spiritual, and like we didn't have any trace of romance.  That is not really true.  And besides, in my own mind, I have always lived in a musical.  I had to have a better answer! So I started thinking back.

The winter that we became engaged, Dave was in grad school in Maryland, and I was living at home and going to college in Iowa.  During the dark winter of separation, the following song was the one I would have called "our song."

And not so long ago, we heard this one, learned it, and sing it and dance to it all the time. So for the last few years, I would say this is "our song".

All this to say, a healthy relationship changes over time, and so does "our song".  So glad to be dancing through the minefields of this life with my best friend, no matter what song we're singing.

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