Friday, March 13, 2015

Come join me!

What a journey our lives are!  We traverse busy, populated places and isolated places.  We begin epic journeys without realizing it, and those big plans we make purposely often get turned aside when we least expect it.  While we cannot always tell what is ahead around the next bend in the road, we can look back and get glimpses of what God has been about in our lives.  Giving talks and leading discussions is one of those opportunities to look backwards, see with a broader perspective, and do a little evaluating.

I have a couple of exciting opportunities to do just that coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I invite you to come and join me, Gentle Readers!

On Thursday, March 19th, I will be speaking to young homeschool moms in my hometown.  If you are in Northern New Mexico and want to join us, leave a comment or e-mail me for details.  It is a privilege to share with younger moms regarding where my journey wandered and what became of me and my family along the way.It is a story about the goodness of God to redeem my sin and bless me despite it. And I hope to encourage these young women coming behind me to trust Him with their journeys.

And on Friday, March 27, at 2 PM Eastern (12 noon my local Mountain time) I will be leading a discussion online about something I am quite passionate about: worldviews, or why understanding the philosophy of just about everything is really practical and necessary to living a Christ-centered life. This is a free "Great Ideas" discussion at the Harvey Center-- you just have to register to save a spot and get the link to the online, live discussion.  You can register using the form at the bottom of the page here,  and find more info here.  

I appreciate your prayers, as always, Gentle Readers, and invite you to come join me.

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