Sunday, June 08, 2014

Two weeks, two weddings, two picnic quilts

 Over the last two weeks, both of these sweet nieces of mine (pictured with their parents) got married.  If you go back a few weeks before that, Myka on the left got her Master's degree, and Rachel graduated from college.  Add a few significant family moments to that, and you can image the last six weeks these precious people have had!  Talk about emotional exhaustion!

These sweet, smart, talented girls love the Lord, and their new husbands.  I am so very proud of them and happy to call them family!

I made picnic quilts for each couple, and thought I would share. For Rachel and Jordan, I made "All Star Picnic" (about 42 x 50 inches, and backed with the multi-color stripe.)

For Myka and Jeremy, I made "Parisian Picnic", (about 60 x 60, made with French reproduction fabrics, and backed with the striped fabric).

I enjoyed praying for and thinking of each girl while these were made, and pray they will be used for fun occasions for years to come.

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