Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring projects

I completed a couple of sampler quilts this spring, and since they have now been gifted, I can share.

"Lavender Sampler" was made for my sweet niece, Hallie, on the occasion of her high school graduation.  Well done, Hallie Jane!  I enjoyed both piecing and quilting this one.

And several months ago, my mother-in-law, Marilyn, gave me blocks she had completed around 10 years ago, deciding she would never use to complete a quilt.  She thought maybe I could use them. So I put the blocks together and made a nice throw-quilt for her and gave it to her for Mother's Day.  She did a good job with her blocks, don't you think?

I have also completed a couple of picnic quilts for up-coming weddings-- look for pictures after the events.  And now I am working on a baby quilt for Baby Carys, grandchild #4, due in June. I have had a productive spring!

As I make these quilts, I pray for the people I am making them for.  And though I am often far away, I treasure the idea of them wrapping up in these quilts and me being a little part of their lives in that way. What  a privilege to live a life that allows me to be creative and have the leisure to sew away.  I am grateful to God and to my sweet husband who funds these sewing adventures!

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Quotidian Life said...

The quilts are beautiful, Chris, and I'm sure the recipients of your labors of love are very grateful. The sentiments in your last paragraph resonated with me; the quilts and blankets I give feel like a tangible connection of love with those I give them too--especially the quilts I make for my children when they leave home for college.