Monday, February 10, 2014

An Update and some pictures

Gentle Readers, I appologize for neglecting you of late.  Life is busy and full, and I always prefer to live the real one in preference of recording the virtual one, so I have neglected this blog.  Here is a short update as of today (February 10, 2014), and a few photos of recent events...

Mt final "uploading dose" of remicade is behind me, and while I am tired, I get an 8-week break before another treatment.  Hurray!  I should be in ABQ for eye tests and evaluations on March 21, and then receive my next infusion on March 26, Lord willing.

In the meantime, I am heading for a long 5-week+ stretch to Tucson.  Nikki is still on bed rest, and passed the 31-week mark, so we are making progress!  Please continue to pray with us that Ezra will stay put until at least 37 weeks.  So far, Nikki is being a real trooper, and the family is all pulling together to keep him there.  I will stay until my next eye stuff, so we have no idea how everything will work out, but we are trusting that our amazing God has a good plan that will be perfect (whether or not it is the way we want it to be...)

I hope to visit with Ben and Elsa and Ada at some point, and receive a visit from Dave as well.  All that remains to be seen!  So before I am off again, I will leave you with a few photos from my last stint in AZ, and ask you to continue to pray for our growing family!

With Emma at the Reid Park Zoo:

A moment of contemplation:

The super-girls with their super-hero capes on.  Ada says she has a super power that you turn on by pressing her belly button.  Who am I to argue?

The super-girls (and Elmo) riding Ada's rocking horse that Pampa made for her:

Decorating mouse cupcakes to celebrate Ada's second birthday:

Ada trying to call Pampa and find out why he's not at the party:

The Ben Finnegan family:

The Tim Finnegan family:


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