Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Wednesday (almost) without words: Thompson Ridge Fire

 Thanks to my friend Dawn Filer for these shots of the fire in the mountains behind my town.  Dawn lives near the Thompson Ridge fire, and as it now encroaches further into the Valles Caldera over Redondo Peak (two of our favorite spots in our mountains) she has captured some of both the grief and awe we all feel as we watch these places we love burn.  I can't help but think there is an eloquent analogy about our lives in this temporary world here somewhere.

The fire is over 9,000 acres now.  The photo above is from the Bandelier gate, looking west towards the Jemez, at sunset through the Thompson Ridge plume.  Those of us who know and love these mountains will recognize some of the other spots.  Thank you, Dawn, for sharing!

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