Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year Updates

As I write this, I am waiting for Dave to arrive home from work so we can hit the road to ABQ, where we will have a date over-night before I head to Tucson in the morning.  Maybe a couple of updates are in order:

My infusions are going well.  The second one gave me a couple days of headache and about a week of extreme fatigue, but now I am back to what passes for my perky self.  I still have to watch not to get over-tired, but this drug makes me feel less horrible, and I am enjoying having days that are pretty good.  I am grateful to Jehovah Jirah for providing, and I continue to pray the new drug combo will be effective.  My third infusion will come on January 31st, and then my eyes will be tested on March 21, with my next infusion on March 26.

Baby Ezra is continuing to grow and seems healthy and strong.  However, he acts like he wants to enter the world whenever his mommy has to be up on her feet for more than a shower or a bathroom run.  Nikki is tolerating the prospect (and reality) or many months of bed rest very well.  Their church is serving them wonderfully.  But this is all vexing at time.  Please keep them in your prayers.

My travel agenda is currently home for infusion and rest following it, then back to Tucson to play with Emma until I need to be back for the doctors visits before infusions or the infusions themselves.  This time I will go for a little over two weeks, and without my sweet husband.  Pray for the travel and the time apart, for life in Tim and Nikki's home with me around all the time, and for Emma to feel a senseof security and schedule with me there.  What a blessing it is to feel well enough to be of some use to them!  And this trip will include an over-night visit from Ben, Elsa, Ada, and Femto-- their new arrival due on the scene sometime in June.  I am so grateful to see them all!

A year of renewal: My sweet husband considers what our theme for each year should be, as he shepherds our family through this weary world.  He has decided that this is to be a year of renewal: renewal of our first love for Christ, renewal of our tenderness for one another, renewal of health, renewal of fire for God's kingdom, renewal of our vision (physical and otherwise).  I am finding this idea refreshing and challenging, and I am so thankful for this godly husband who serves me and leads me and is my best friend.

So, Gentle Reader, I am busy and rejoicing.  God is so good.  And where would we rather be than in the center of His will in this world?  I would love to hear how your new year is shaping up